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Denim: Smart Guide for the perfect fit

Denim: Smart Guide for the perfect fit

Everybody has a pair of jeans, but not all of them makes you feel sexy, confident and comfortable. Do you want to know the secrets of a juicier plum?  we can help you out with this simple guide. Jeans have been the most popular garment in our wardrobes since the 50’s; its popularity and evolution through the years have made this one of our most beloved pieces of clothing, and in this modern day, we have found the perfect formula for the perfect Jeans.

Check out our checklist for the perfect denim:

1.- Amazing fit

The first thing we notice when we wear a pair is out butt!, No matter the color or the design is a must-have, and to be honest not all of them can help us achieve that goal, but take a look at CYSM Push-Up Jeans, Flawless cut with special seams that enhances the figure, beautiful details that have been created in years of research, bidimensional fabric that stretches and adjusts to the silhouette, providing support, toning and excellent body shaping for everybody.


Love handles to tame?, A Client need help with a more rounded hips and butt?, The Antonia Push-Up Jean has all she is looking for, with its well defined cut and shape, it will control the abdomen, its color, and special seams will define and lift her individual attributes, no need for extra padding!

2.-Trendy details and colors

Normal Push-up jeans are too plain and simple? For all the fashionista’s needs, our world-class research team is always looking for the hottest items on High-End Fashion shows and festivals. Trendiest ideas are then incorporated in our designs, offering you the highest quality fabrics and materials to create our signature Jeans!


For the Trend seekers, we have the Kenai Push-Up Jean; Beautiful embroidery details over a clean colored wash, rips in the perfect spot to call attention in all the right places, and don’t forget about the silhouette enhancing details that are perfectly hidden, All the tanning and shaping benefits for the perfect look she is looking for!

3.-Quality in fabrics, Pattern, design and world-class craftsmanship

When offering a product, the first thing that comes to mind is the quality and attention to details that we can give to our clients; the best product is the one that creates loyalty.

Great jeans are designed to last, and as professionals, we know which jeans have the perfect qualities that we are looking for; CYSM aims to exceed clients expectations and needs, design and color, perfect fit, seams and durability, sculpting and tanning technology. Don’t worry, we got you covered, we work hard every day to bring our jeans to a whole new level.


Sometimes you will meet a client who has interest in Push-Up Jeans but has never tried one before, for those situations, The Tabatha Push-Up Jean is one of our best sellers, and for a reason!, Atemporal looks, beautiful color and shape that tones, highlights and lifts abdomen, hips, and butt. Works perfectly for every body type and size.

All things considered, it's very important to be well informed when acquiring products to fit your client's needs. To be able to discern what suits them best and to exceed their expectations so they will come back for the product they just fell in love with. For that we are very dedicating in providing complete information for every product we offer, being part of the CYSM family is to be there for you, and that is very important for us!


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