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Get ready for Black Week! Tips and tricks to get ahead!

Get ready for Black Week! Tips and tricks to get ahead!

Black Week is one of the most profitable weeks of the year. And here are several tips to help you bring the most of it to your store!


To profit this season, you better begin planning this month. There are so many things to take into account to make sure Black Week goes as smoothly as possible. You can get a calendar in which you can organize everything and not get overwhelmed!
Check with your wholesaler the trendiest and top-selling products every week or month and make a list of the ones with the best margins.
Make your top-selling product list and compare it with the list you did with your wholesaler so you can choose the most profitable ones for your clients. A good list will help you avoid overspending!
 Listen to your client's necessities and pay attention to what they buy, this way you will acquire products that won’t get stuck in your inventory for a long time.
No matter if you sell online or with a physical store, make a list of your flaws and strengths. Begin working on them, so when November comes around, you will be ready and will increase your client's experience when they shop with you.
Make sure that your clients are being listened, remember that a happy client is a loyal client!. Make them know that you are going to have a Black Week sale with time and make it a priority to keep them informed of the promotions you will have for them. 
Offer good communication and extra services that will keep them coming, such as:
⇨ Fast return and exchanges
⇨ Rewards for loyal customers
⇨ Price matching
⇨ Delivery services
Do you have enough inventory for the season?
Can you handle the amount of traffic you will receive in-store or online?
Can your wholesaler restock your inventory fast and effectively?
This and more are questions you should be asking yourself to always keep your inventory flowing flawlessly!
Begin creating a plan in the calendar in which you will tease your clients with your offers and promotions, build suspense and prepare them a surprise or a mind-blowing promotion so they will keep you in mind when the day comes.
 Create a Doorbuster item, This is an item that you have to consider to just break even in profits, but will become the reason that will make them get into your store and see all you have to offer.
 Make cross promotions and up-sales.
 Exclusive sales, limited time offers and final sales are a HIT!
Approximately 80% of people in the U.S. use social media, make sure to let them know you are there. Create and calendarize a marketing campaign, keep yourself in their minds:
 Create beautiful, simple banners or ads. No matter if you are not a designer, there are several free resources and templates you can use to create your marketing campaign. (Ex. FreePik!)
 With Facebook or Instagram, you can automate ads and get in front of everyone! Just make sure to get all your graphics visuals ready, create a budget and schedule to build up expectations!
 If you are dealing with a physical store, you can also print banners, flyers, and posters, to make sure everyone knows you are participating!
Be realistic, sometimes mistakes happen, so, it’s better to make contingency plans to get out of those situations as fast as possible or to prevent them. Its easier to troubleshoot now, than in the middle of it!
After everything is said and done, make sure to take some time to reflect on what will happen and how can you improve the experience. Remember to show confidence in your brand and products, and back it up with great customer service to make them fall in love with you. Be motivated, ambitious and set realistic expectations, be your best this year and customers will remember and will return for more!
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