Ready to sell online? Expand your business: E-commerce tips

by Monica CYSM on August 06, 2018

You might find yourself wanting to expand your business, but you are not sure which options are available for you. If you already have a business or sell catalog and would like to grow, this is the perfect article for you!.

Online stores can reach any customer anywhere and are potentially beneficial to your business. For this, an E-commerce site builder is a program that will help you create and run one. To make sure It has all the proper tools you need, we provide you with a small checklist of the most important points to take into account:

  1. Storage space: Most sites will give you a limit to the number items you can sell, take a look at options that can offer you more product space
  2. Safety: It’s important to have fraud protection and a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Encryption. Protect yours and your clients online payments. 
  3. Site design: We recommend a user-friendly interface, easy to understand tools and functions. Something really easy to maintain and create your store.
  4. Customer assistance: A good Customer Help team that can assist you if you have a doubt.

Don’t forget that, as your wholesaler, we also have several tools that will help you with your e-commerce store:

  1. Dropshipping: Instead of having to receive and send the product, you can wholesale to customers and send their packages directly from us. 
  2. CYSM PRO APP: Perfect for easy transactions, and quick purchases. Search for any product information, Size guides, inventory availability, track your orders and much more…
  3. Quick order: Make your orders easier, faster and more efficiently


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