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8018 - Men's High Performance Thermal Shirt

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The Men's High-Performance Thermal T-Shirt is designed to maximize the fat-loss and muscle toning results that you’re aiming for when working out at the gym; and thanks to the features incorporated throughout CYSM’s Ultra Sweat & Compression sport collection, you’ll reach your fitness goals faster and easier with significantly less effort!

● One of the key calorie-burning enhancing features that the T-shirt has is the internal thermal active layer, which stimulates perspiration and significantly speeds-up your metabolism.

● By heating up your muscles and making you sweat 3 times more than usual, the thermal T-shirt helps you prevent injuries, release toxins at skin level and trim inches off of your waist quicker.

● If you’re looking for a masculine figure-flattering fat-loss boosting miracle-worker, this is definitely it!

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