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910 - Thermal Ultra Compression and Abdomen Control Fit Legging

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Don’t put your curves, spicy fashion style or your physical performance on hold during the cold season! CYSM’s Thermal Fit Leggings are the sexy, butt-lifting, warm & comfy alternative to the bulky & shapeless bottoms we’re all used to during the winter season!  

●Incorporating CYSM’s Smart Thermal Weaving Technology, the thermal fit leggings are a must-have winter essential for fit & active fashionistas.

●Along with the efficient thermal insulating layer, the leggings offer all of the curve-contouring benefits of our fit leggings collection; including a flattened abdomen, inch trimmed off of the waistline, smooth-lined hips, thighs & calves, with an extra-perky lifted booty.

●The thermal weaving maintains our top-quality fabric’s breathability, while the double compression qualities of the fabric guarantee an ideal balance between muscle support & freedom of movement.

●The Thermal Fit Leggings are an all-in-one solution for both enhanced athletic performance in cold weather, and for a versatile sensual collection of comfortable figure-shaping bottoms! 

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