Brasier / Bra

Piel / Nude
Negro / Black
234 -Integral Body Bra. Soporte / Posture Correcting Firm Compression Bodysuit
 Get ready to embrace instant figure slimming results by wearing CYSM’s Posture Correcting Firm Compression Bodysuit! The full body shaper is equipped with ultra-compression zones, where it flattens the abdomen and eliminates any unaesthetic rolls or bulges, while smoothening and lifting your buttocks and bust, with zero flattening. The highly visible instant slimmer look is also given by the bodysuit’s ability to correct your posture, making you appear taller and more slender effortlessly. The back support system includes the wide adjustable shoulder straps, targeted compression with full back coverage and an under-bust compressive band; all of which are meant to remove the strain off of your back and improve your posture! The garment’s selective compression system makes it ideal as a post-partum or post cosmetic surgery recovery garment. Material Ingrediente  Compression  Uso Recomendado   Funciones
$ 49.99
Piel / Nude
Negro / Black
242 -Brasier con Soporte y Banda Ajustable Removible / Adjustable Surgical Bra With Removable Band
 Choosing the perfect surgical bra can make the difference between getting a much needed amount of support and comfort, and doing damage instead of helping yourself. This adjustable surgical bra is very versatile. It can be used for maintaining a good posture after any kind of surgery, while the perfectly positioned pressure points can guarantee a comfortable recovery after a breast augmentation surgery. The removable band makes it easy for you to release the pressure when needed. Also, the fact that it is made of an antibacterial material, recommends this surgical bra as a good partner for you on your way to a successful recovery.  Material Ingrediente  Compression  Uso Recomendado   Funciones
$ 28.99
Piel / Nude
Negro / Black
286 -Body Ultra Silueta Brazos / Arms and Abdomen Body Shaper
Strong, but comfortable, compression can be hard to find. And a body shaper that uses its sculpting effect on the arms as well is even harder to find. The Arms and Abdomen Body Shaper includes both, and offers much more! This body shaper uses an ultra compressive design to visibly trim inches off of your abdomen, giving you an enhanced and slim waistline. The full back coverage that continues on your arms, offers amazing back support, and minimizes the size of your upper-arms. The garment tightens-up where you need it to, and lifts your butt and bust! The detachable band, over your bust, is a miracle worker in terms of creating a diva cleavage! Material Ingrediente  Compression  Uso Recomendado   Funciones
$ 47.99
Piel / Nude
Negro / Black
289 -Brazos Control y Espalda / Arms and Bust Shaper Bra with Back Support
 If you’re looking for a very particular combination of benefits, when it comes to supportive and body shaping garments, you’d think you’d to have to mix and match a lot before finding the perfect combo. Well that’s not the case with the Arms and Bust Shaper Bra with Back Support! It combines the benefits of having adequate back support, a correct posture, and a compressive and bust enhancing design. The medium compression level is ideal if you’re going through a post-surgery recovery process. The crisscross design on the back creates a seamless support structure that improves your posture, while the high compression design of the fabric around your arms offers a lean and smooth look. It’s a 3 in 1 type of deal that gives you support in all the desired areas, as well as a confidence boost! Material Ingrediente  Compression  Uso Recomendado   Funciones
$ 34.99
Piel / Nude
Negro / Black
440 -Brasier Soporte / Front Closure Bust Support Bra
There are times when your bust needs more than the help of aesthetic enhancing bras. For when you need therapeutic help from your bra, the Front Closure Bust Support Bra is your best choice! It’s designed to offer you much needed support when you’re going through a post-surgery recovery process, or if you want proper bust support while you go about your day! The bra has an adjustable 2-position hook front closure, and adjustable straps. The back support is guaranteed by a special crisscross design that doesn’t put pressure on your shoulders. The medium compressive fabric allows you to enjoy adequate support without compromising on the bust enhancing features of a regular bra!  Material Ingrediente  Compression  Uso Recomendado   Funciones
$ 21.99
470 - Brasier Control de Brazos y Espalda / Posture & Arm Control Push-up Top
Getting proper control over three of your most outstanding features with just one body shaping garment is now possible, thanks to the multi-targeted effects of the Posture & Arm Control Push-up Top! It will help you maintain a healthy posture, eliminating back pain and making you look slimmer and taller. And the instant makeover doesn’t stop there! The top will also compress, and in time trim inches off of your upper arms, which is a problem area for most women! The long term effects of the top will give you the chance to wear dresses and bathing suits with full body confidence! The bust push-up results come from the 3-hook closure and the over-bust adjustable strap, both of which will give you a look worthy of that little black dress you’ve been wanting to wear! Material Ingrediente  Compression  Uso Recomendado   Funciones
$ 34.99


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