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Butterfly Blouse - Fit by CYSM
 Working out, whether at home or at a gym, is never a “love at first sight” experience, so get yourself motivated for the challenge by wearing a sport blouse that highlights the best features your figure has to offer! ●The Supplex fabric that gives the BUTTERFLY sport blouse its flexibility, durability, and comfort-enhancing features, is the same reason why your waistline will attain a slim and toned look even before you start working out! ●The blouse has seams designed to hug your curves, while minimizing your midsection and lifting your bust. It’s hard to find the sweet-spot between flexibility and support, but this blouse gives you the best of both worlds. ● The compressive features of the fabric will prevent bulges, muffin-tops or love handles from forming, while you have enough freedom of movement to complete your workout with proper form.  Funciones
$ 14.99
Gris / Gray
Butterfly Capri - Fit by CYSM
 Looking awesome and improving your performance while working out are two closely connected aspects of a woman’s life. The BUTTERFLY sport Capri pants are designed to put you on the fast track to better fat-burning results at the gym. ● And they’ll manage to do that by making you love your figure as it is! ● The lightly compressive design and strategically placed seams work wonders by flattening your abdomen, lifting and adding volume to your butt, and by eliminating bulges. ● But comfort and support are not neglected. ● The fabric allows your skin to breathe and rapidly cool off, and supports the leg and core muscles, keeping you going during a longer workout session without feeling exhausted. ● With you looking flawless wearing the Capri pants, your workouts will become more fun and more efficient. It’s all about motivation!  Funciones
$ 19.99
Gris / Gray
Butterfly Pants - Fit by CYSM
If you feel like your gym outfits never hit the sweet spot between making you feel comfortable and making you look your best, then you’ve probably never worn the BUTTERFLY PANTS ! These pants are guaranteed to change your view of what gym-appropriate clothing should do for you. ●First off, they will maximize the calorie-burning potential of every minute that you spend being active. ●The light and breathable fabric will keep you cool during high intensity training, while its flexibility and compressive design will offer support and freedom of movement during cycling, jogging or yoga. ●The superior comfort level comes for the strategically placed seams and the female-comfort enhancing anatomic design. ●These key features also have figure-modeling effects, since they offer an instant butt-lift and a toned abdomen look.  Funciones
$ 22.99


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