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Negro / Black
Piel / Nude
1580 - Seamless Underbust Body Shaper in Boyshort
A full and round bottom that is firm and stands-out, when paired with the smooth and flattened waist, back and hips, is the end-result of wearing our Seamless Underbust Body Shaper in Boyshort! ● The perkiness of your buttocks and the slim look of your abdomen will make you want to wear the body shaper day in and day out! And thanks to the seamless lightweight microfiber design you can! ● Your skin can breathe; you have freedom of movement and, best of all, you have a flawless figure to show off! ● For maximum comfort and versatility, the underbust body shaper has removable straps, additional handles, an anti-slip silicone band and an open-crotch intimate area. ● Thanks to the thermal active compressive fabric, this garment will not only tuck in the extra inches around your waistline, hips and back, but it will also help you burn off fat faster, when accompanied by a balanced diet and an active lifestyle!  Material Compression Uso Recomendado Funciones
$ 18.99
Negro / Black
Piel / Nude
1584 - Butt-Lifter Slimming Body Shaper in Boyshort Seamless
Looking to accentuate and show off your best feminine features? We’ve designed the Seamless Butt-Lifter Slimming Body Shaper in Boyshort to give women of all sizes and body types the opportunity to eliminate all problem areas and highlight the hourglass sex-appeal hiding underneath the extra inches! ● The more comfortable, softer and more durable design of this seamless microfiber body-shaper will allow you to enjoy the hot curve definition that looks stunning regardless of your outfit! ● The butt-lifting invisible control bands will accentuate the roundness, fullness and firmness of your buttocks, while the under-bust support will enhance your bust. ● With a flattened waist and a smooth back in between the two now well defined curves, you’ll find yourself falling in love with show-stopping dresses, skirts and racy tops! ● And thanks to the thermal active compressive fabric, you’ll be on your way to burning fat faster during your workouts when wearing the body shaper! Material Compression Uso Recomendado Funciones
$ 19.99
Piel / Nude
273 - Pregnancy Support Bodysuit
Pregnancy should be the happiest and most exciting part of a future mommy’s life! But pregnancy does come with increased discomfort, as the months go by. ●The Pregnancy Support Bodysuit is designed to help you fully enjoy this happy part of motherhood! ●The bodysuit has a combination of medium to high compressive features. ●The medium control is used to give you a natural butt-lifting effect, and to keep your waist in shape, while the high control design lifts your bust and offers much needed back support. ●To make things even easier, the undergarment has a crotch-opening, and a boyshort design. ●The adjustable band that fits snuggly around your abdomen guarantees a comfortable and supported belly, throughout the last months of your pregnancy! Material Ingrediente  Compression  Uso Recomendado   Funciones
$ 40.99
Rosa / Rose
Negro / Black
435 - Braless Compression Bodysuit Boyshort
Take control over your own look and use the compression effect of this boyshort bodysuit to continue wearing your favorite outfits right after giving birth or after surgery. ● This slimming bodysuit acts as a support system giving you a flat abdomen, a butt-lifting effect and an added push-up effect for your bust.  ● This braless bodysuit offers you the possibility of wearing your favorite type of bra and enjoying all the benefits of wearing the perfect type of shapewear for an overall gorgeous look!  Material Ingrediente  Compression  Uso Recomendado   Funciones
$ 37.99
436 - Tummy Control Body Shaper in Boyshort
This is the body shaper that will make your midsection go from “problem area” to “favorite body part” in an instant! It’s fit to say in an instant, because the flat zipper, reinforced by internal hooks, makes the garment easy to get into. And the transformation begins! ● The Tummy Control Body Shaper offers full-back support, a natural looking butt-lift, and adjustable bust support, with wide straps that take the pressure off of your shoulders. ●  The garment is made of antibacterial fabric, making it ideal for post-surgery or postpartum recovery! ● It will offer the much needed compressive support, along with a flat and toned look for your midsection!  Material Ingrediente  Compression  Uso Recomendado   Funciones
$ 39.99
Piel / Nude
476 - Premium Pregnancy Support Full Body Shaper
Avoid all the uncomfortable effects that pregnancy has on your figure, by wearing CYSM’s new Pregnancy Support Full Body, from our Premium Shapewear collection!  ● Made of the finest materials and having a micro-capsule Bio Therapy coating, the garment is not only a pain-relieving miracle worker, but also a skin-rejuvenating and hydrating essential, which will help prevent deep stretch marks from taking over your abdomen. ● The support body uses medium compression and targeted compressive zones to offer a balanced mix of abdominal support, back-support, posture correcting, leg and hip remodeling and control, paired with a substantially visible bust and butt enhancement! ● The adjustable abdominal-control strap allows you to comfortably enjoy the support-focused benefits of this garment throughout your entire pregnancy, and to customize the compression level that suits your needs best! Material Ingrediente  Compression  Uso Recomendado   Funciones
$ 49.99


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