Control Leve / Light Control

Control Leve / Light Control
When you need light, seamless shapewear, shop CYSM! Sometimes, you just need a little extra assurance that your outfit is hitting you in all the right places. When you need light shapewear underwear, we have you covered. Check out our light ladies shapewear items to find the one that matches your needs. Whether you want tummy control or a slight waist enhancement, our products will do the trick. Shop now for yours!
Piel / Nude
273 - Pregnancy Support Bodysuit
Pregnancy should be the happiest and most exciting part of a future mommy’s life! But pregnancy does come with increased discomfort, as the months go by. The Pregnancy Support Bodysuit is designed to help you fully enjoy this happy part of motherhood! ● The bodysuit has a combination of medium to high compressive features. ●  The medium control is used to give you a natural butt-lifting effect, and to keep your waist in shape, while the high control design lifts your bust and offers much needed back support. ●  To make things even easier, the undergarment has a crotch-opening, and a boyshort design. ● The adjustable band that fits snuggly around your abdomen guarantees a comfortable and supported belly, throughout the last months of your pregnancy! Material Ingrediente  Compression  Uso Recomendado   Funciones
$ 40.99
Piel / Nude
Rosa / Rose
476 - Premium Pregnancy Support Full Body Shaper
Avoid all the uncomfortable effects that pregnancy has on your figure, by wearing CYSM’s new Pregnancy Support Full Body, from our Premium Shapewear collection!  ● Made of the finest materials and having a micro-capsule Bio Therapy coating, the garment is not only a pain-relieving miracle worker, but also a skin-rejuvenating and hydrating essential, which will help prevent deep stretch marks from taking over your abdomen. ● The support body uses medium compression and targeted compressive zones to offer a balanced mix of abdominal support, back-support, posture correcting, leg and hip remodeling and control, paired with a substantially visible bust and butt enhancement! ● The adjustable abdominal-control strap allows you to comfortably enjoy the support-focused benefits of this garment throughout your entire pregnancy, and to customize the compression level that suits your needs best! Material Ingrediente  Compression  Uso Recomendado   Funciones
$ 49.99


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