Verde / Green
Fresh Blouse - Fit by CYSM
 Finding a top that not only makes you look good and feel good while you work out is important for your mood and motivation, but as far as getting results from your efforts at the gym, you need a top that also supports your muscles and posture. ● The FRESH sport blouse does just that! The wide crisscross shoulder straps will help you improve your posture and relieve back pain, all the while helping you get the most out of the time you spend working out! ● The anatomic waistline and strategically placed seams allow the blouse to apply its positive effects to any body type, which gives it the ability to flatten your abdomen and control your bust as you slim down, regardless of your current size. ● The lightly compressive top doesn’t compromise on your need for comfort, so flexibility and freedom of movement are also on its list of “pros”!  Funciones
$ 14.99
Negro / Black
Fresh Capri - Fit by CYSM
 If your workout routines are missing just motivation, then give yourself a reason to work harder! The way these FRESH sport Capri pants will transform your entire figure by just putting them on will act as a major confidence-booster. ●The anatomic waistline and strategically places seams are the main aesthetically-enhancing features. ●They will give your butt a substantial lift; they will minimize your waistline, and will eliminate any bulges, muffin-tops or love handles! ●With the style aspect taken care of, the lightly compressive design of the Capri pants will support your muscles, thus preventing injury or soreness. ●The added advantage of flexibility and freedom of movement is also a big plus that will push you even more towards your fitness goals!  Funciones
$ 19.99
Negro / Black
Fresh Pants - Fit by CYSM
 Start your day with a boost of confidence and energy by trying on the FRESH PANTS! They will definitely become instant-favorites; that’s why we’ve designed them to be versatile and extremely comfortable. They incorporate features like the female-comfort enhancing anatomic waistline, a compressive design that lifts the butt, flattens the abdomen, and eliminates any bumps and rolls, all concealed under an ultramodern look! ●The pants are ideal for an increased physical activity performance, as well as for the hectic everyday life we live. ●They allow you to feel comfortable, supported and flawless! Wear them while jogging, or turn a few heads while grocery shopping. ●The flattened abdomen, lengthened legs, and the overall smoothness of the areas the pants cover, will all highlight your natural curves!  Funciones
$ 24.99


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