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608 - Firm Control Ultra Flex Bodysuit

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Wearing a firm control bodysuit has, up until now, required some compromises on your comfort level and freedom of movement. But the Firm Control Ultra Flex Bodysuit, from CYSM’s new Ultra Flex Shapewear collection, provides a simple solution.

● And that is the Ultra Flex microfiber design, which gives the bodysuit excellent breathability, and an extra smooth texture and soft to the touch feel.

● With comfort and freedom of movement no longer a problem, the knee-level bodysuit offers top-notch firm control over all problem areas!

● It helps you have slimmer arms, toned-up legs and hips, a smaller waist, and a flat abdomen, all of which are kept under firm control by invisible compressive bands.

●  This discrete style of targeted compression also corrects your posture, adds volume and roundness to your bottom and gives your bust a substantial push-up.

● The open-bust feature and over-bust adjustable band work to accentuate this bust push-up effect!

Material  Compression 
Uso Recomendado  Ingrediente
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