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Negro / Black
61 - High Compression Pantyhose for Varicose Veins
 Although varicose veins are hard to ignore, you shouldn’t allow them to ruin your everyday comfort level! The High Compression Pantyhose for Varicose Veins are highly recommended by medical professionals as a weapon against the feeling of swollen and heavy legs! ● The gradual compressive design of the pantyhose creates a healthier and more active blood flow in your legs, thus reducing the pain and the discomfort level. ● The highest level of compression is applied in your ankles, and it gradually reduces as the pantyhose rises up your legs. ● This type of compression creates the sensation of a permanent massage. ●  Eliminate discomfort from your daily routine by giving your legs this much needed support! 
$ 16.99
Negro / Black
81 - Compression Stockings for Varicose Veins
 Varicose veins are the negative effects that many of us know all too well! They appear as a result of standing or sitting for long periods on a daily basis. ● The Compression Stockings for Varicose Veins are the best weapons we have in the fight against swollen and heavy legs. ● The gradual compressive design of the stockings stimulates a healthier blood flow in the legs, thus creating a massaging effect, starting from your ankles where the maximum amount of compression is applied. ● This massage will help reduce the pain and unaesthetic look that varicose veins cause. ● Don’t let the swollen and heavy legs feeling take over your life! ● The beneficial effects of wearing compression stockings can do wonders for your mood and confidence level!
$ 11.99


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