Mothers Day

Mothers Day
Piel / Nude
273 - Pregnancy Support Bodysuit
Pregnancy should be the happiest and most exciting part of a future mommy’s life! But pregnancy does come with increased discomfort, as the months go by. The Pregnancy Support Bodysuit is designed to help you fully enjoy this happy part of motherhood! ● The bodysuit has a combination of medium to high compressive features. ●  The medium control is used to give you a natural butt-lifting effect, and to keep your waist in shape, while the high control design lifts your bust and offers much needed back support. ●  To make things even easier, the undergarment has a crotch-opening, and a boyshort design. ● The adjustable band that fits snuggly around your abdomen guarantees a comfortable and supported belly, throughout the last months of your pregnancy! Material Ingrediente  Compression  Uso Recomendado   Funciones
$ 40.99
Rosa / Rose
470 - Posture & Arm Control Push-up Top
Getting proper control over three of your most outstanding features with just one body shaping garment is now possible, thanks to the multi-targeted effects of the Posture & Arm Control Push-up Top!I ● t will help you maintain a healthy posture, eliminating back pain and making you look slimmer and taller. ● And the instant makeover doesn’t stop there! ● The top will also compress, and in time trim inches off of your upper arms, which is a problem area for most women! ●  The long term effects of the top will give you the chance to wear dresses and bathing suits with full body confidence! ● The bust push-up results come from the 3-hook closure and the over-bust adjustable strap, both of which will give you a look worthy of that little black dress you’ve been wanting to wear! Material Ingrediente  Compression  Uso Recomendado   Funciones
$ 34.99
Negro / Black
Rosa / Rose
471 - Firm Control Bodysuit with Butt-lift
 Achieving your weight and fitness goals can take patience, but by wearing the Firm Control Bodysuit with Butt-lift you can enjoy all the beauty and health benefits that getting in shape and losing weight have to offer! ● This happens as soon as you put on the bodysuit and our! ● Whether you’re going to the office or you’re recovering post-partum, our antibacterial fabric and high compression are beneficial since they reduce swelling and accelerate healing. ● The highly compressive design will minimize your waist, give your abdomen a toned look, shape your hips and thighs, and give your butt and bust an instant lift. ● All of these beauty-enhancing effects are backed up by health benefits, such as an improved back posture and a comfortable fit!  Material Ingrediente  Compression  Uso Recomendado   Funciones
$ 47.99
Rosa / Rose
472 / 473 - Ultra Slimming Body Shaper
Take beauty into your hands and make sure you have the body shape that matches your confident attitude, by wearing the Ultra Slimming Body Shaper under any type of clothing! ● The classic panty design, the discrete 3 hook closure and the soft to the touch fabric, will all allow this miracle-worker to stay hidden, while its figure-flattering effects are highly visible! ● The design of the body shaper has instant push-up effects on both your bust and butt, while the high-compression flattens your tummy, and eliminates love-handles and back bulges. ●  A smooth and curvy figure will give you the opportunity to rock any outfit, with no evidence of the trick behind the quick full body makeover! Material Ingrediente  Compression  Uso Recomendado   Funciones
$ 39.99
Piel / Nude
Negro / Black
490 - The High- Control Open-Bust Contouring Bodysuit
 The High- Control Open-Bust Contouring Bodysuit will show you the way to unconditional body confidence by giving you control over your curves and improving your posture at the same time, with 10/10 silhouette slimming results as soon as you get dressed! ●With a thermal layer that works to progressively melt inches off of your waistline, the bodysuit uses targeted ultra-compression zones to give you the instant curve-contouring effect you’re looking from when choosing a Shapewear garment for any and all occasions! Butt-lift & bust push-up included! ●The ultra-compression corrects your posture effortlessly, while flattening your abdomen and sculpting your waistline, hips and thighs. ●These features, paired with the comfort-enhancing removable straps, internal closure hooks, Bio-Therapy active ingredient coated fabric and the suit’s lingerie opening are all designed to give you the racy hourglass figure you desire on a daily basis!   Material Ingrediente  Compression  Uso Recomendado   Funciones
$ 52.99
Perforado Negro / Micro Pierced Black
Perforado Blanco / Micro Pierced White
Perforado Fucsia / Micro Pierced Fuchsia
Perforado Menta / Micro Pierced Mint
High Performance Micro Pierced jacket
 Stop searching for the perfect jacket to complement your work out outfit. The CYSM High Performance Micro Pierced jacket has all the technology! ●  The pierced cloth will let your body breath while it absorbs any sweat your body could generate. Combine it with all the amazing colors that we bring you!  Funciones
$ 29.99
Azul Oscuro / Navy Blue
Menta / Mint
Morado / Purple
Gris Oscuro / Deep Gray
Rosa Brillante / Bright Pink
Lima Limon / Lemon Lime
Skinny Color Legging - Fit by CYSM
Make it a goal to never let a day go by without someone feeling the need to compliment you! This goal is easily achievable with the right amount of body-confidence. ●The Skinny color fit leggings by CYSM  work wonders on any body type by toning and reshaping problem-areas, such as love-handles and unaesthetic bulges. ●The compressive, yet very comfortable and soft, fabric allows the leggings to smoothen your hips and legs, while the high-rise waistband controls your midsection. ●These leggings have the flexibility and freedom of movement necessary during a workout at the gym, but they also have the wow-factor needed to complete a very sexy outfit! ●The vibrant colors are sure to draw attention to your now flawless figure!  Funciones
$ 22.99


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