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3012 - Postoperative Waist Cushion

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 The Postoperative Waist Cushion is an essential recovery-support garment; it’s going to speed-up the healing process and it’s going to help you achieve the best post-surgery results, while also minimizing skin-discomfort and soft tissue damage.

●The adjustable waist-trainer cushion offers abdominal support and light compression, and works best when paired with one of our full body shapers. 

●The cushion’s compressive effect will prevent inflammation and the formation of hematomas, by stimulating a healthy blood flow in the abdomen. 

Being made of an ultra-breathable and lightweight fabric, specific to our Ultra Flex Shapewear collection, this medically-approved waist-cinch is 100% safe to wear during post-surgical or post-partum recovery.

●Having a Bio Therapy micro-capsule coated lining, the cushion also prevents against stretch marks and skin damage, gradually releasing skin-tightening and hydrating active ingredients. 

Material  Compression 
Uso Recomendado 
Size: One Size
Color: Piel / Nude