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About Us


Our 20 year presence in the international marketplace has given us the opportunity to accumulate the experience and knowledge that we now use in manufacturing our control and figure-enhancing garments. Being a world leader in our line of business, we have met our top quality goals, thus offering our customers Premium Shaperwear.

CYSM designs and manufactures 100% of its products in its own Colombia-based manufacturing plants. Our goal and commitment is to produce body-control and enhancing shapewear following the strictest quality control standards in both our design and manufacturing operations. Using high-tech materials in each one of CYSM’s four product lines gives us control over the figure-flattering results our customers obtain by wearing our Premium Shapewear.




Ultimate Shaping Technology


As the team behind CYSM’s product lines aims to continuously improve our control and enhancement garments, our research in both the world of fashion and in the health industry remains a top priority. We incorporate new techniques, fabrics, and concepts within each of our products, always keeping in mind our client’s safety and best interests.


CYSM headquarters are located in the United States, from where our products are sold and shipped cross-country on a daily basis. We’re also present in 16 countries worldwide, continuously expanding our reach, thus offering customers access to our PREMIUM SHAPERWEAR on a global scale. Our direct-distribution centers in Mexico and Colombia also play a big part in our global-reach, exporting our products anywhere in the world.


 Discover our Products Line!


CYSM devotes its research, designing abilities and manufacturing capabilities to its 4 control & enhancement product lines, which are divided into the three fundamental needs of today’s fashion trends.



CYSM Shapers are recognized as the world’s undeniable PREMIUM SHAPEWEAR products; with this prideful recognition coming from the most prestigious cosmetic clinics and world-renowned cosmetic surgeons. The CYSM Shapers product line includes an extensive variety of body-control garments, each product serving one or more figure-shaping and enhancing purposes. Regardless of body type, our Premium Shapewear collection can provide the ideal garment, which will not only highlight one’s best features, but also help contour natural curves.

The technology behind the PREMIUM SHAPEWEAR CYSM Shapers has evolved, and it will permanently advance, due to our dedication towards finding and investing in fabrics that incorporate the latest progresses in the world of cosmetics. We’ve already incorporated the micro-capsule technology in our antibacterial fabrics, which contain seaweed. A feeling of coolness and refreshment is gradually released by the micro-capsules when in contact with the skin, ensuring that every CYSM Shapewear product provides a soft and refreshing feeling.




CYSM Jeans are the miracle-workers behind the curve-enhancing Virtual  Sensuality  Jean Push-up collection. The jeans and the natural curves of the body will flawlessly combine, thus highlighting a feminine and sensual figure that every woman wants to see in the mirror. CYSM Jeans are made of a uniquepurposely selected bidirectional Stretch fabric, which allows the jeans to adjust to the body’s individual features, without compromising on the amazing body-shaping effects of the jeans, or the comfortable fit. These Push-up jeans are manufactured in one of our high-tech plants, where we’ve developed and patented the Virtual Sensuality design. This is the concept behind the naturally sculpted and enhanced lookof any bottom that wears ourjeans.

Our world-class research team is in charge of keeping a close eye on the catwalks and fashion trends of the world. This selectively accumulated information is then incorporated in the look, the design and the figure-shaping features of the CYSM Jeans. Each new jeans design takes comfort, fashion trends, and style-based decisions into consideration. 








CYSM Fit is a collection of garments that are designed to meet and exceed the physical performance needs of both active people and of those that are just taking their first steps towards a healthier lifestyle.

The CYSM Fit clothing collection goes beyond offering a comfortable fit, an enhanced athletic performance, and soreness-preventing muscle compression. We want to give our clients, regardless of their current fitness level, a look that boosts body-confidence, which in turn provides motivation while they’re active.




The Liftouch ultra flex is amagnificent product line created by our skilled designers, which combines the elegance and style of our Jeans collection with the behind-the-scenes figure-sculpting effects of your CYSM Shapers. These two techniques are merged by using a bidirectional ultra flex fabric on the exterior, while the inner-fabric consists of a seamless panty-shaper, which naturally rounds and tones-up the butt, while offering ultra-control over the midsection, flattening the abdomen. These revolutionary garments are designed using the techniques we’ve mastered in our quest to be the best worldwide PREMIUM SHAPEWEAR suppliers