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475 - Post Mastectomy Shirt

by Premium
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The Post Mastectomy Shirt is the newest addition to our collection of Premium Shapewear, and it was designed with generous input from medical professionals, in order to offer you an ideal all-inclusive post-operatory support garment, complete with discrete pockets for the draining bags and a double-layered flat lining for prosthesis!

● The post-mastectomy shirt uses an adequate compression level, which combined with its anatomical-conscious design, stimulates a healthy blood flow and speeds-up your recovery process.

● The garment has a comfortable and skin-friendly fit, allowing natural air-circulation to keep you cool and feeling fresh.

● The compressive design flattens the abdomen, corrects your posture, preventing the typical post-surgery hunched position, and supports your bust effortlessly!

● The wide adjustable shoulder straps add an extra touch of comfort, preventing back-pain throughout your recovery.

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