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1382 -Enterizo Térmico Hoyos Realza Gluteos / Ultra Butt-Lifting Full Body Shaper - BW

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A full-body makeover is just one simple step away! Allow this Ultra Butt-Lifting Full Body Shaper to completely change what you see in the mirror, with minimum effort!
When we say Full-Body Shaper, we mean it! This garment offers full control and a toning effect over your waist, abdomen, thighs, and down your legs to above your knees. And that’s where its flattening effects stop! And the magic begins! Your hips are comfortably shaped, your bust is enhanced, and your butt gets a natural-looking lifting effect and rounded look, thanks to the rear openings.
Feel free to wear it any day of the week, or wear it under your gym attire to enjoy the full benefits of the thermal-active latex layer that sits above your abdomen. 
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