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JADIRA - Push Up Short by CYSM

by Jeans
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 The JADIRA push-up shorts exclusive from CYSM are a must-have piece for your summer outfits! They will make up for all the squats you forgot to do before summer got here by lifting and smoothening your rear.

●The toning and firm control that the bidirectional-stretch fabric offers begin sculpting your figure from the midsection, down to your thighs.

●This design turns your lower body into a flawless display of curves and smooth lines!

●The mix of control and flexibility will guarantee a comfy fit whether you’re shopping, dancing or having a busy day out.

●The shorts will give you freedom of movement and a lot of reasons to receive compliments throughout the day.

●The push-up effect is extremely noticeable as soon as you zip-up the shorts, and they use only strategic seams and high-quality fabric to help you achieve this naturally curvy look!

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