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JASMINE - Seamless Apparel Body Control by CYSM

by Apparel
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The JASMINE Body Control by CYSM! is a versatile figure-flattering fashion choice that’s definitely going to freshen-up your season wardrobe, and allow you to go for the more tight-fitting outfits during the hot season!

● And that’s because it works wonders on keeping the extra inches around your waist under control, giving your waistline a slimmer and smoother look instantly, regardless of your choice of bottoms! 

● Using just medium control and the finest materials, the Body focuses its shaping features on keeping your abdomen in check, giving you the slender silhouette that you’ll never want to hide under baggy clothing!

● Ideal for office outfits and easy to fit into a beach party get-up; lightweight and a joy to wear during hot season days, as it keeps you cool and comfy!

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