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KAYL - Push Up Maternity Jean by CYSM

by Jeans
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 Looking for the type of top-notch pregnancy bump support that can be easily integrated into your everyday life? The KAYL maternity jeans offer superior pregnancy lumbar support, without limiting their ability to give you a butt-lift instantly and remodel your legs into slender and toned figure slimming features! 

●The KAYL jeans are part of CYSM’s new maternity jeans collection, which features a sewn-in microfiber stretch support band.

●The gentle lightweight hold of the support band gives the jeans a flexible, automatically adjustable, fit around your belly, regardless of how far along you are.

●The fabulous versatile look of the jeans makes them easy to mix into any outfit style, with stunning and mommy-approved results!

●Abdomen support, excellent skin breathability and the soft and smooth touch of high-quality materials are just some of the other health-related perks of the KAYL maternity jeans!

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