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481 - Men's Arm and Abdomen Control Shirt

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The Men's Arm Control Shirt is a figure-remodeling essential, whether you’re looking for a comfortable and gym-ready control shirt that’s discrete and efficient in accentuating the definition in your upper arms, or if you’re in need of a post-operatory support garment that’s focused on stimulating a healthy blood flow, and safe to wear during the recovery process.

● The Bio Therapy micro-capsule coating allows the control shirt to gradually release skin-tightening and hydrating active ingredients, making it ideal for daily use!

● This adjustable control shirt uses ultra-compression to flatten your abdomen and sculpt your upper arms into hard as steel-looking masculine features, without compromising on your comfort level or your skin’s ability to breathe freely.

● The crisscross control bands on the back will not only support your back and correct your posture instantly, but also make your torso look longer and slimmer.

Material Ingrediente  Compression 
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