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While the typical pair of skinny jeans is popular for highlighting an already toned figure, the MONTECARLO jeans are designed to give you a sleek and smooth silhouette, using a bidirectional-stretch fabric and a figure-contouring design! The high-rise waistband lengthens your torso, instantly making you look slimmer and creating a visually pleasing gap between your bust and perked-up bottom.
And the butt-lifting effects of these jeans are no joke! This gravity-defying design lifts the bottom, gives it volume and a sensual fullness that will definitely turn a few heads. The skinny-jeans style makes this pair of denim bottoms extremely versatile, while the rhinestones and decorative zippers give it extra attitude. They can be part of a spicy party outfit or a racy date-night outfit. Either way, compliments and a confidence boost are guaranteed!
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