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CARSON - Push Up Bodysuit by CYSM

by Jeans
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Need some firm, yet natural, curve-enhancement in the booty department? The CARSON jeans are the answer, regardless of whether you need to keep it in a pleasantly-round shape, or if you need some extra volume and definition! 

●The high-quality bidirectional stretch fabric guarantees a balanced look, with no sagging or gapping, which leaves your silhouette looking smoother and slimmer, with no muffin-tops, love handles or unattractive rolls in sight!

● This pair of skinny jeans will add extra definition to all your curves, while flattening your abdomen and enhancing your buttocks.

●  Now just think of all the sexy outfits you can put together, elegant or casual, knowing your figure is flawlessly sculpted by a pair of versatile chic denim bottoms!

●  Your fashion loving self will have a blast while showing off this instant body makeover.

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