If you’re ready to stop dreaming of the body that’s perfect for a pair of curve-highlighting jeans, then it’s time to switch it up and try on the SASHA LIFTOUCH jeans! Thanks to the Liftouch Ultra Flex technology, these jeans will make you feel like they we’re designed to fit you, as they snuggly tighten every inch of your figure. It will become more than just your go-to pair of bottoms, because you’ll want to enjoy their butt-lifting and leg-sculpting effects whether you’re at the office or at a party! The versatility of the SASHA Liftouch jeans comes from their ability to suit a casual outfit just as well as they can give you an elegant formal look. The internal girdle and anatomic design gives you firm control and support starting at your waist, down to your hips, and continuing with your legs.  Funciones
$ 36.99
  The Liftouch Ultra Flex technology is the reason why the LIZZIE LIFTOUCH jeans are probably the one pair of bottoms that you’ll want to wear every time, everywhere! Along with the high quality bidirectional stretch fabric, the jeans also incorporate an internal girdle which remains unnoticeable, thanks to the invisible seams. The fabric and this unique design help to redefine and emphasize your natural curves, while simultaneously giving your butt a significant lift! The high-rise waist design eliminates rolls and smoothens your hips, while the decorative element that descends along the front-side of your legs will draw attention to the lengthened appearance of your legs. It’s a body makeover that happens with just a zip-up, and it’s certainly a reason why you’ll be happy to show off your sensual curves!  Funciones
$ 36.99


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