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11 - Men’s High Performance Thermal Vest (S/C)

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Make sure you get the perfect workout gear for your body-transforming goals! Wear the Men's High Performance Thermal Compression Vest from CYSM’s Ultra Sweat & Compression collection to experience next-level fat burning results and take advantage of a cutting-edge thermal active layer, which is not only going to make you burn faster through the extra inches, but also make you sweat 3 times more than during any regular workout and support your muscles to prevent injuries and post-workout fatigue.

● The compression vest is made of Airprene, a CYSM exclusive material, that’s extremely breathable, helping to both auto-regulate your body temperature and keep you comfortable, while the thermal layer speeds-up your body’s calorie burning processes.

●Veteran athlete or gym-newbie, the Men's High Performance Thermal Compression Vest is designed to give you fast and substantial body makeover results!

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