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1582 - Seamless Mid-Thigh Ultra Butt-Lifting Thermal Bodysuit - BW

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If sexy summer outfits feel a bit intimidating, it’s time to take care of all the problem areas of your body, so you can fully enjoy your feminine style!

● The Mid-Thigh Ultra Butt-Lifting Thermal Bodysuit offers the same superior comfort level and soft lingerie feel, regardless of whether you’re wearing it as a compressive body-shaper, or as a smoothness enhancer.

●  Its invisible control bands will eliminate back bulges and rolls, muffin tops and love handles, leaving you with a slim silhouette that looks stunning in skin-tight dresses and racy summer outfits!

● The extent of the bodysuit’s coverage comes with therapeutic benefits as well!

● The back support control bands corrects your posture, lengthening your torso and making you look instantly slimmer and taller.

● It makes a world of difference! Think of this figure-enhancing garment as a body makeover waiting to happen! taller!

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