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7021 - Seamless Legs Control butt-lifter Boxer

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Made of CYSM’s seamless microfiber fabric, the Legs Control Butt-Lifter Boxer is the lower body sculpting men-approved control garment that you’ve been looking for!

● With a clear focus on offering the highest comfort level, the boxer uses invisible control bands and medium compression to flatten your abdomen, sculpt your legs into trimmed and toned masculine features, while also substantially lifting your buttocks.

● This combo of figure-enhancing benefits will make even the tightest-fitting bottoms look flawless on you!

● The breathable micro-perforated fabric makes this boxer perfect for daily use and a skin-friendly option for going to the gym, since it allows your skin to remain dry and fresh even during intense workouts.

● Maximizing comfort, the boxer also has an anatomically-conscious private area coverage that’s free of compression.

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