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CORAL - Push Up Jean by CYSM

by Jeans
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Redefine your entire figure by buttoning up the CORAL jeans! You’ll have an instant view of what a butt-lift does for your body-confidence. The sensuality factor will be at an all-time-high once you catch a glance of yourself in the mirror! A firmer and rounder butt, along with the other figure-enhancing perks of these jeans, will surely put you in a good mood every time!

The high waistband is the slimming-element that will give you the hourglass look, making your bottom look more voluptuous and your lower abdomen firmer. The decorative zipper and pockets give these jeans their versatility, allowing you to enjoy their comfy fit and figure-flattering look regardless of the occasion.

Size: 2
Color: Gris/Gray