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DANICA- Push Up Jean by CYSM

by Jeans
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The look of the perfect butt starts with a fuller and rounder look of the buttocks that mother-nature blessed you with, so we’ve designed the DANICA  jeans to help you take advantage of your natural curves and finally fall in love with your body type!

● This pair of denim bottoms uses bidirectional stretch fabric and a high-rise waistband to tuck-in all the extra inches from the common problem areas, while simultaneously giving your booty a perkier and more defined appearance.

● The design of the jeans also smoothens your hips and legs, giving you a super soft and sleek look that serves to lengthen and slim-down your entire figure.

● That’s what we call a one-stop solution for a curvy, yet fit, silhouette! The intense color makes these chic jeans work impeccably with casual or elegant outfits!

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