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DETROIT - Push Up Jean by CYSM

by Jeans
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Designed with your silhouette in mind, the DETROIT jeans are the glamorous and curve-hugging pair of denim bottoms you never knew you needed! While some jeans can be a hit or miss, between sagging and unflattering fits, these chic jeans are made of sag-proof bidirectional stretch fabric, which allows them to keep their shape and tummy-control properties even after countless uses! The high-rise waistband practically melts inches off of your waist and flattens your abdomen.
And to contrast that now sleek midsection, your buttocks is lifted, and given a fuller and rounder appearance using strategic seams. This body-contouring process gives you instant results as soon as you zip them up, so the toned legs, perkier butt and slim waist look natural. This curve-friendly design also prevents muffin-tops, love-handles and unsightly rolls!
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