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JOCELYNE - Push Up Jean by CYSM

by Jeans
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Redefine your lower body instantly and effortlessly by trying out the chic and comfortable JOCELYNE jeans! Made of a high quality bidirectional stretch fabric, using a curve-contouring design, this pair of skinny jeans will give you the chance to create show-stopping outfits year-round, with no muffin-top or love handles in sight! The high-rise waistband flattens the abdomen and naturally lifts your buttocks, while the strategic seams give your butt a fuller and firmer appearance.
This natural butt-lifting effect adds dimension and definition even if you lack volume in the booty department! The contrast between your now minimized waist, your slimmer figure and toned legs, will give your silhouette an hourglass appearance. This instant lower-body makeover is destined to make you feel just as gorgeous and confident as you look!
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