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KERRY - Seamless Apparel Body Control by CYSM

by Apparel
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Revamp your season wardrobe by making the KERRY Body Control by CYSM your go-to fashion statement choice whenever you want to make a show-stopping first impression!

●The Body Control is made of a highly breathable and lightweight material, being ideal for hot weather and extremely skin-friendly.

●The extra touch of silhouette control that the Body offers is just enough to make you confident enough to make stunning fashion choices, turning muffin tops and love handles into distant memories.

●All of this thanks to medium abdomen-targeting compression.

●The eye-grabbing details will target all attention towards your enhanced bust, minimizing your waistline even more, without the need of an additional Shapewear garment.

●Enjoy a minimalist form of body remodeling, and discover endless outfit combos that are instant confidence boosters, with just one designer-approved top! 

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