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If you’re ready to stop dreaming of the body that’s perfect for a pair of curve-highlighting jeans, then it’s time to switch it up and try on the KRISTEN LIFTOUCH jeans!

●Thanks to the Liftouch Ultra Flex technology, these jeans will make you feel like they we’re designed to fit you, as they snuggly tighten every inch of your figure.

●It will become more than just your go-to pair of bottoms, because you’ll want to enjoy their butt-lifting and leg-sculpting effects whether you’re at the office or at a party!

●The versatility of the KRISTEN  Liftouch jeans comes from their ability to suit a casual outfit just as well as they can give you an elegant formal look.

●The internal girdle and anatomic design gives you firm control and support starting at your waist, down to your hips, and continuing with your legs.

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