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MELANIE - Apparel Body Control by CYSM

by Apparel
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No need to worry about excessive heat or having to hide a control-garment this season, as CYSM’s new collection of apparel tops with integrated medium compression is here to offer the best of both worlds!

● The MELANIE Body Control by CYSM is a comfortable, lightweight and breathable choice whenever you’re torn between a fashionista-worthy look and a minimalist form of Shapewear; you can have them both!

● The Control Body tucks in the extra inches around your midsection, making your waistline look and feel slimmer, with a soft to the touch and smooth texture left behind, and zero chances of muffin tops or love handles making an unsightly appearance!

● Although it has an obvious flirty vibe, the Control Body is easy to incorporate into any type of outfit, from date-night casual to office-appropriate!

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