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Twist Blouse - Fit by CYSM

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Nothing can get you more motivated to hit the gym than knowing you’re going to look flawlessly hot in your workout gear. The “Twist sport blouse can be your secret ingredient to a very confident attitude.  

●While the blouse will provide a comfortable and curve-hugging fit, you’ll enjoy the benefits of a lightly-compressive top design. 

●The fabric and the seams of the top work towards giving you a slim and toned midsection, while lifting your bust and smoothening any bulges or love handles.

●Improving your fitness level is all about steady exercising, so the key is finding the right gear to keep you going!

●With that amount of support and a gorgeous look to make you feel like you can conquer the world, you’ll always be in the mood for a workout, or at least for a quick jogging session around the neighborhood.

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