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Wedding Shapewear: How to choose "the one"

Wedding Shapewear: How to choose "the one"

Weddings come in all shapes and sizes, and our experts have been working hard to create this fantastic collection that is aimed at our soon to be brides all over the world. We know how shopping for a dress can be incredibly difficult, but what nobody knows, is how important the perfect Shapewear is. As you already know, the CYSM Shapewear is designed to offer Body-Control and to enhance the best features, and when the brides are planning a big day, one of the most important things is to offer them the commodity and mobility that they need to be active through the day.

Here is quick PRO TIP list of all the types of dresses and undergarment for them. We just don’t sell shapewear, we offer confidence, comfort, and sensuality in her special day:

1. Empire Dress

Fitted under the bust, the empire gives a high-waisted appearance, with a long and loose fitting skirt. Great style for most brides, can help even out women with broad backs and small hips.


The 2117 High Compression Body Shaper, offers abdomen compression to create the hourglass figure she is looking for; The straps are removable and the invisible zipper will never show in any of the photos!

2. Mermaid Dress

Dress style that is fitted closely to your figure from the waist to your knees and the fabric flares out dramatically from there, creating a trumpet or fishtail appearance. Beautiful style for women with wide hips, that can balance out the silhouette.


The 259 Control Body Shaper, has compression properties that mold the figure from the waist to the legs. Its comfortable design will make her forget she is actually wearing shapewear!

3. A-Line Dress

Fitted style at the waist, and continues to widen towards the hem of the dress to create the shape of a triangle or the letter A. Excellent and very classic design that can be very flattering to most shapes.


The 1331 Ultra Waist Cincher will do the trick; The level of compression molds the waist and offers support on the back while complementing the dress design for an amazing waist-line.

4. Ball Gown Dress

Similar in design to the A-Line dress, but the skirt is even more extravagant, and shaped to create an ample and striking silhouette. Good design for some body shapes, although the size of the skirt sometimes can be unfavorable depending on the volume.


The 1336 Firm Compression Waist Cincher, gives a beautifully defined waist and abdomen while giving excellent back support since the dress can get heavier with the fabric.

5. Slip-On Dress

A very sensual design, created to look like an undergarment, It's traditionally cut on the bias to give it the smooth flair and delicate fall. Great design to create emphasis in the breasts and the hips.


The 607 Ultra Flex Push-Up Slip with its seamless design and smooth curves is perfect for a Slip-On, will mold the curves flawlessly and combine with this simple, yet elegant style.

The best thing to offer a bride-to-be is good support and the confidence to be radiant when she walks by all her loved one's side, to assist her with the small details and help her shine. With our CYSM Wedding Shapewear Collection, we have put together the best options to help you make her dreams come true!

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